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Carlmont Digital Marketing Agency

About Us

We are an honors high school marketing class committed to delivering innovative digital marketing solutions to our customers…and we are FREE!  Our generation is natively fluent in all things digital including Social Media.  We instinctively create viral marketing campaigns that will help you connect with your customers.  Led by our advisor with over 10 years of product marketing, digital marketing, and online sales experience, we expect to transform the way you do business online.

Our Process

Start out by visiting our classroom in person or virtually to present your company, product, and goals to our student teams.  Define your target markets, core competencies, competitive advantages, and unrealized opportunties.

Multiple student teams will design a custom campaign specific to your business needs.  Teams will present their proposals to you, giving you several different options for how to orchestrate your integrated marketing campaign.

Students create all advertising creative and schedule all media placements within shared digital marketing interfaces.  You will approve and pay for all advertising directly within the marketing interfaces.  There is no charge for the labor and services of the students, only for the advertising placements.